Why does crazy diamond look like the world


Is it crazy diamond or shining diamond?

2 Crazy Diamond’s localized name Depending on what subs or translations you’ve seen, you might not have known that Crazy Diamond’s localized name is Shining Diamond, and if you’re an exclusively dub viewer, then you might not have known that Crazy Diamond is the actual Stand name.

Why is Josuke’s stand called Crazy Diamond?

Its a reference to the pink floyd song ‘shine on you crazy diamond’. Actually all of the stand names after part3 are music references. Araki liked to use mineral related stand name for main characters, he said this in an interview somewhere in jojo art book.

Can Crazy Diamond reverse aging?

No, in order to restore someone back to a younger state, Crazy Diamond would need to revive a bunch of cells that are already dead.

What does Crazy Diamond say?

Personality. Crazy Diamond has no personality apart from seeming angry during fights and shouting its Stand Cry “DORARARA “; similar yet uniquely distinct from that of Stands belonging to other Joestars.

Does Josuke have 4 balls?

Appearance. Josuke is a young, handsome and physically fit man of above-average height. Josuke has a diastemaW between his upper incisors and a star-shaped birthmark on his left shoulder. He has two sets of irises, four testicles, and two tongues, all joined as one, differing in texture and color.

Who is the weakest JoJo?

Shizuka Joestar

Could Kira kill Kars?

Especially against Bites the Dust they would fail since time attacks cannot be countered by them. Kira is one of four of Part 4 to defeat Ultimate Kars, one of three to kill him and the only one to oneshot him.

Is Star Platinum stronger than crazy diamond?

No, star platinum is still stronger than crazy diamond, its stated by josuke himself that his stand can’t match up to jotaro’s. But in fact crazy diamond is slightly weaker than star platinum, although both stand had A in speed and power, jotaro is still the winner.

Did jotaro name Crazy Diamond?

Crazy Diamond was named by Jotaro Kujo. uses Crazy Diamond’s original name instead of its localized name.

How fast can Crazy Diamond punch?


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How strong is Star Platinum punch?

If Star Platinum can punch faster than lightning (around 230,000,000 mph), and weighs around 220 lbs (100 kg), then with F=ma Star Platinum’s punches are clocking in at about 475,000,000,000 Newtons. In one punch from an “ora ora” barrage. For comparisons sake, a nuclear blast is around 20,000,000,000 Newtons.

Who is the strongest Joestar?

So,I’ll say every Joestar,from strongest to weakest:Giorno Giovanna (GER);Johnny (Tusk act 4);Jotaro Kujo;Gappy;Josuke;Jolyne;Joseph;Jonathan.

What does Ora Ora Ora mean?

aggressive battlecry

What is the strongest stand?

Heroes and villains alike in the series can be real powerhouses, and in the right hands, a stand can do just about anything.1 The World Over Heaven.2 Gold Experience Requiem. 3 Made in Heaven. 4 Tusk Act 4. 5 Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheep (D4C) 6 King Crimson/Epitaph. 7 Star Platinum. 8 Cream. diamonds

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