Two strand diamond knot


What is a diamond knot used for?

Forming a decorative loop on the end of a cord such as on a lanyard

What is a knot in a diamond?

Knots: Refers to a crystal inclusion that appears on the surface of the diamond as a knot. Diamonds with a knot inclusion are usually awarded a lower clarity grade as the flaw is visible to the naked eye (but not always).diamonds

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Who makes diamond bows

Are Diamond compound bows good? Both are really good bows, in our humble opinion, great for bowhunting and target shooting, and they’re very very similar. The RAPTOR Hunting Compound. Where are diamond bows made? America Who owns bowtech bows? Minneapolis, Minnesota – Norwest Equity Partners (“NEP”), a leading middle market equity investment firm, has announced […]

Diamond like carbon coating

How is DLC coating applied? During the DLC coating phase of the process, a carbon carrying gas is introduced into the chamber. This gas is the source for the amorphous carbon DLC coating. The ionized hydrogen and carbon atoms in the gas are drawn to the surface of the product with an electrical charge that […]