Royal caribbean diamond benefits


Do Diamond members get free drinks on Royal Caribbean?

Each evening, Royal Caribbean offers complimentary alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in its Diamond lounges for Diamond, Diamond Plus and Pinnacle members. In addition, Diamond members and above receive three complimentary drink vouchers to use at bars and lounges around the ship during the same time.

How many points is a diamond on Royal Caribbean?


What is the Diamond Lounge on Royal Caribbean?

The Royal Caribbean Diamond Lounge provides access to a concierge as well as many other benefits. This helps you avoid lines at guest services and other peak times. Here is what we saw in the Diamond Lounge during our July 2019 sailing on the Liberty of the Seas.

Does Royal Caribbean offer perks?

As a member, you’ll enjoy exclusive benefits to make your cruise experiences with Royal Caribbean® even more wow-worthy. You’ll earn one Cruise Point for every night you sail with us, and double points when you book a Suite. Points add up to perks you can enjoy both on board and on land.

Is the key worth it on Royal Caribbean?

Without a doubt, The Key is built around offering priority access to some of the funnest experiences onboard your Royal Caribbean ship. If climbing the rock climbing wall, or surfing on the FlowRider or seeing a Broadway show is of great interest to you, then The Key might make a lot of sense.

How do I get free WiFi on Royal Caribbean?

There are three ways to find free wifi whilst your cruise ship is in port.Go to an open deck. If there’s free wifi in the cruise terminal, you might not need to leave the ship to access it, so this is worth a shot. Ask a crew member. Download a free wifi finder app.

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What can you drink for free on Royal Caribbean?

What drinks are free on Royal Caribbean?tap (regular and decaf)lemonade.iced tea.flavored waters.juices (at breakfast and not fresh squeezed)

How many points do you get per cruise with Royal Caribbean?

You can earn one Cruise Point for every cruise night you sail with us, and DOUBLE the points when you purchase a suite. For instance, if you complete a 7-night cruise, you’ll earn 7 Cruise Points, and when you purchase a suite you’ll earn 14 Cruise Points.

What is the point system on Royal Caribbean?

Crown and Anchor membership is complimentary and points are earned every night spent onboard a Royal Caribbean ship. The scheme works on a “1 point per night” system with 2 points per night being awarded for a Junior Suite or above category.

Is there a Diamond lounge on Oasis of the Seas?

For Diamond members sailing on Freedom and Oasis class ships as well as Radiance of the Seas, the Diamond lounge will continue to be open during regular hours with the Diamond lounge concierge at your service. We now offer either the Diamond Lounge or a Diamond Event on every ship in our fleet.

Is there a Diamond lounge on quantum of the Seas?

Once we had established that we were at Diamond level we were able to use the Suite Lounge and the Solarium, which on this ship had restricted access. The small number of past cruisers on this ship gave us this benefit because there was no Diamond Lounge.

What cruise lines match loyalty programs?

Here are the top seven cruise ship loyalty programs you should join.Latitudes Rewards Loyalty Program — Norwegian Cruise Line.Castaway Club — Disney Cruise Line.Captain’s Club Cruise Rewards — Celebrity Cruises.Crown & Anchor Society — Royal Caribbean.VIFP — Carnival Cruise Line.Princess Cruises — Captain’s Circle.

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What do you get with the key on Royal Caribbean?

The Key is an extra-fee program from Royal Caribbean that gives cruisers a host of perks, such as priority boarding and debarkation, reserved seating at shows, special access to onboard attractions and more.

What does platinum status get you on Royal Caribbean?

BENEFITS ON LAND Exclusive Discounts on Balcony & Suites when booking farther out. Up to $200* in savings. Save up to 25%* on Close-In Sailings with Crown & Anchor Exclusive Rates. Enjoy special savings on base rates and free upgrades* with Hertz® Car

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