How to play shine on you crazy diamond


How do you get the tone in Shine on You Crazy Diamond?

1 Answer. David Gilmour’s tone is described on various sites, but the basic core of it is a clean tube amp with vintage pickups. His amps (Hiwatts) also have a lower mid range, so you can emulate that by turning down your mids, but even on the Hiwatts Gilmour has his mids at 40%, bass at 50% and treble up towards 60%.

What are the four notes in Shine on You Crazy Diamond?

The notes themselves are Bb, F, G and E. Most importantly, all the notes must ring clearly and sustain for a few seconds after you have picked them. If it’s impossible to get all four notes to ring at once, try for as long as you can and then come back to it in a couple of hours or the next day.

What guitar does Pink Floyd use?

Fender Stratocaster guitar

What pickups does David Gilmour?

In Gilmour’s own guitar, the neck and middle pickups were the pickups that came with the guitar but the bridge pickup was a custom pickup made by Seymour Duncan which is now in production as the SSL-5 pickup.

How long is Shine on You Crazy Diamond?

Shine On You Crazy Diamond

“Shine On You Crazy Diamond”
Length 26:00 (All parts) 13:32 (Parts I–V) 12:28 (Parts VI–IX) 3:53 (Single edit)
Label Harvest (UK) Columbia/CBS (US)
Songwriter(s) Roger Waters Richard Wright David Gilmour
Producer(s) Pink Floyd

Is Shine on You Crazy Diamond the best song ever?

Pink Floyd have far too many great songs for any one of them to be the greatest but Shine On You Crazy Diamond is certainly one of the great ones and perhaps the last great band tune, as unfortunately it’s the last one that Rick Wright, David Gilmour and Roger Waters wrote together, and the last one Rick Wright did any diamonds

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