Diamond plate truck boxes


Are truck tool boxes worth it?

You will save a lot of time. You are less likely to lose your tools in a tool box than in the open bed of your truck or SUV. It’s also worth pointing out that the tool box will only take up a portion of the truck’s bed. The rest of the open space will remain available for you to do what you wish with it.

What size toolbox does my truck need?

How to Measure Your Truck for a ToolboxMeasure the Distance Between your Bed Rails. This distance determines the maximum width your toolbox can stretch. Determine the Height of your Bed Walls. For this number, measure how tall your truck bed is from the floor to the top of the rail. Find the Distance Between the Base of your Wheel Wells and the Bulkhead.

Are truck tool boxes waterproof?

Are Truck Tool Boxes Waterproof? Yes. Let’s dig deeper. Most tools are made from metal.

Does Home Depot have truck tool boxes?

Truck Tool Boxes When You Need Them Whether you’re on the jobsite or at home, a contractor or a do-it-yourselfer, find the right truck tool box at The Home Depot. Get your tool box delivered or pick it up in store for free.

Are Weatherguard tool boxes worth it?

Yes, they tend to be a little more expensive then some of the other manufacturers out there, but it’s worth every penny. You spend a lot of money on your tools and want to protect them from weather, thieves and just plain banging around in the back of your bed.

What is the best brand of truck tool boxes?

Quick Answer: The 7 Best Rated Truck Tool Boxes For 2020TruXedo TonneauMate Truck Toolbox.Jobox Fullsize Deep Truck Box.UWS Crossover Truck Tool Box.UnderCover SwingCase Truck Storage Box.Giantex Aluminum Tool Box Storage.Weather Guard Aluminum Saddle Box.Dee Zee Red Label Utility Chest.

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How wide is a full size truck toolbox?

Compare all Specifications

Lock Type Keyed Entry Lock Type Keyed Entry
Box storage space (cu. ft.) 27.28 Box storage space (cu. ft.) 38.44
Product Width (in.) 20.5 in Product Width (in.) 20.5 in
Tool Box Size Full Size Tool Box Size Full Size
Product Height (in.) 18 in Product Height (in.) 15.5 in

What size tool box fits a Tacoma?

Length 60″ x Width 12″ x Height 16″.

Are Lund tool boxes good?

Lund 79760PB – Best Side Mount Tool Box Its long size lets you store long tools. The push button design of the box offers great convenience while giving a great storage solution. It sports a sturdy aluminum build with a silver finish. Being 60 inches long, the box is designed to fit on most trucks.

Are job boxes waterproof?

Consequently, are job boxes waterproof? Yes. But if you put them in a tool box, the tools will be safe from water since the box encloses them. KNAACK is the industry leader of jobsite storage equipment, including storage chests, field stations, rolling work benches and hand tool boxes.

Are Husky Truck boxes any good?

All in all. Husky is a great box for it’s price. Not the best in the market, but by far the best in it’s price range (that I have seen). I just bought a Husky truck tool box.

What is the back of a truck called?

cargo beddiamonds

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