Dell diamond round rock tx


Who owns Dell Diamond?

Dell Diamond

Owner City of Round Rock
Operator Ryan Sanders Baseball LP
Capacity 11,631
Record attendance 13,475 (June 16, 2006)

Where is the Round Rock Express located?

Раунд-Рок, Техас, США

How much are Round Rock Express tickets?

The average price for Round Rock Express Tickets start from $0. The minimum get in price is $0 for Round Rock Express Tickets at the Principal Park, Des Moines.

Does Austin have a minor league baseball team?

Austin is home to the University of Texas Longhorns and to several minor-league sports teams.Teams.

Club Round Rock Express
Sport Baseball
League Pacific Coast League (AAA)
Venue (capacity) Dell Diamond (8,720)
Attendance 8,181

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Who does Round Rock Express feed into?

Houston Astros

Who owns Round Rock Express?

Ryan Sanders Baseball

What is Austin Texas known for?

Austin is known for outstanding food, great live music venues, and its general weirdness. Its rapidly rising in popularity as a place to live and visit, thanks to a fantastic culture and friendly locals. There are few remarkable landmarks in Austin.

Does Austin have a professional sports team?

But of the 15 most populous cities in the country, Austin is the only one without a professional sports team – at least for now. In the near future, it looks like Austin will join those populous cities with the addition of its own major league soccer team. Austin FC is set to make its debut in McKalla Place in

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