Black diamond 25 ton log splitter


Who manufactures Black Diamond log splitters?

Jiashan Superpower Tools Co. Ltd.

How much does a wood splitter weigh?

396.8 lb.

Who makes the best log splitter?

The 6 Best Log Splitters of 2020Best Overall: Champion Power Equipment 27 Ton Splitter at Home Depot. Best Budget: Snow Joe LJ10M 10-Ton Hydraulic Log Splitter at Amazon. Best Electric: Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter at Home Depot. Best Vertical/Horizontal: Best Gas-Powered: Best Manual:

Who makes lumberjack splitters?

WEN Lumberjack

How often should you change hydraulic fluid in a log splitter?

every 100 hours

How do I know if my log splitter pump is bad?

Symptoms common to all log splittersHydraulic cylinder won’t extend the wedge. Hydraulic valve leaks. Engine leaks oil or gas. Engine won’t start. Hydraulic cylinder leaks. Engine runs rough or misfires. Hydraulic pump leaks.

Why does my log splitter bogs down under pressure?

Hydraulic systems use pressurized fluid to power a force. If your splitter is bogging down under pressure or seems weak, chances are there is something not right with how this system is operating in reference to the size of the hydraulic pump and what it is capable of.

How fast can I tow a log splitter?

Highways have a minimum speed limit that varies between 30 to 45 mph depending on where you live. The majority of the commercially built log splitters are not designed to be pulled at speeds above 5 to 35 mph. At the same time, some higher-end or home-built log splitters can be towed at a higher speed up to 70 mph.

How big of a log splitter do I need?

If you have to split more oak tree logs with a 24-36” diameter, a 35-ton unit may be what you need. However if you are a homeowner where the largest log you may split is a 6” diameter softwood, then a 4 ton unit is just right for you.

How does a log splitter work?

Most log splitters use a hydraulic cylinder (like these) to push a cut piece of log into a sharpened wedge, which splits it. The cylinder is driven by hydraulic oil, under pressure, produced by a hydraulic pump. The oil from the pump runs to a hydraulic valve, which provides control over the movement of the cylinder.

Is a 25 ton log splitter enough?

The amount of pressure, or tonnage, a splitter can apply to the job is crucial. For example, entry-level, electric-powered splitters might have a five- or six-ton capacity, which might manage a well-cured log up to 12 inches in diameter. “A 25-ton splitter will do the vast majority of jobs well,” Baylor says.

Is a 22 ton log splitter enough?

Every tool has its uses, and if most of your wood is small to medium sized and of a species that is easy to split, then a 22 ton model will suit you just fine. But if you are getting into large rounds, species that are hard to split, and want to use a 4 way head there is no replacement for

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