2 strand diamond knot


How do you tie a strong knot with paracord?

The most common use of the trucker’s hitch is fastening things on top of cars or truck beds.Step 1: Hitch One End of Your Paracord to a Point. Step 2: Make a Loop in the Line Outside Your Initial Tie-Down Point.Step 3: Twist the Loop Three to Four Times. Step 4: Make a Slippery Hitch. Step 5: Tighten Up the Slippery Hitch.

What is a diamond knot used for?

Forming a decorative loop on the end of a cord such as on a lanyard

What is a cobra knot?

Uses: The Cobra Knot (Solomon Bar or Portuguese Sinnet) (ABOK # 2496, p 401.) is one of the commonest lanyard knots. It is very widely used in military shoulder lanyards and in many macrame patterns. Application: When completed as shown in the animation, it provides an excellent lanyard pull for a snap shackle.diamonds

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