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What religion is King Diamond?

Religion. Diamond follows LaVeyan Satanism, which he does not see as a religion, but a philosophy by which he lived even before reading Anton LaVey’s The Satanic Bible.

Is King Diamond a good singer?

Knowledgeable about few things. King Diamond (real name: Kim Bendix Petersen) has a 4 octave vocal range, and The Range Place has mentioned his range from F1 to Eb6. Apart from lyrics, King Diamond is known for being a great storyteller and a theatrical performer, usually writing occult-themed lyrics.

How did King Diamond get his name?

According to Diamond, when he, Denner, and Hansen decided to form a new band, they chose the name “King Diamond” to “get better deals”, and because the name was already known from Mercyful Fate.

What happened King Diamond?

The former heavy smoker suffered a series of heart attacks and underwent a triple heart bypass that, he says, nearly killed him. The recovery process also derailed King Diamond the band, but when they did return to live action it was more spectacular than ever, as new DVD Songs For The Dead Live emphatically proves.

Is King Diamond black metal?

Danish metal icon, black metal pioneer and master of the macabre, King Diamond has made a vast contribution to the metal landscape over the last 40 years, both as singer with Mercyful Fate and as a solo artist.

Where is King Diamond from?

Hvidovre, Denmark

What band was King Diamond in?

Mercyful FateKing DiamondSince 1985Brats1980 – 1981King Diamond & Black Rose

What is Bruce Dickinson vocal range?

4.25 octaves

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Is Mercyful Fate black metal?

With the band’s dark imagery – most famously King Diamond’s horror-inspired face paint – and subject matter, Mercyful Fate are widely considered one of the originators of the black metal

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