Friendship bracelet diamond pattern


How long should the strings be for a friendship bracelet?

21 1/2 inches

What do the arrows mean on friendship bracelet patterns?

Elements of a Friendship Bracelet Pattern A visual of the pattern at the top. Letters which correspond to string colors below. Dashed lines on the sides with numbers next to them – these indicate the rows within the pattern. Bubbles with arrows which indicate the direction of each knot.

How do you make friendship bracelets with words?

How to Make Friendship Bracelets With Names, Letters, and NumbersFollow these instructions to add names (or even numbers) to your friendship bracelets!You’ll need embroidery thread, scissors, tape, and cardboard (to make a loom).Measure the string from fingertips to elbow.Fold the five strings in half.

What does a down arrow mean in friendship bracelets?

Down arrows just mean do the opposite knot of what you’re doing for the letter color. So if you’re doing fk for the background color, the downward knots mean do the opposite which means do a bk for the letter color.

Why do my friendship bracelets look bad?

It could be your knots are too tight or too loose. Try to tie the first half of the knot tight and the second part a bit looser.

What type of string is best for friendship bracelets?

embroidery flossdiamonds

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