Diamond and pearl starters


What’s the best starter Pokemon in Diamond and Pearl?

Chimchar. Bear in mind that in diamond/Pearl, there are many water and grass types to choose from, yet only Infernape and Rapidash when it comes to fire. Infernape is far better in almost all situations, so I’d grab one along with a Gyarados and an Abomasnow for good type coverage.

What is the best starter in Pokemon Pearl?


What are the 3 starter Pokemon in Diamond and Pearl?

The 3 starter Pokemon are named: Naetoru (Turtwig), Hikozaru (Chimchar) and Bocchama (Piplup). The 3 starter Pokemon types seem to be: Grass/Ground, Fire/Normal, and Flying/Water.

What are the starters for Diamond and Pearl?

We’ve evaluated all 19 of them and put them in their place.Turtwig – Pokemon Diamond & Pearl.Chimchar – Pokemon Diamond & Pearl. Snivy – Pokemon Black & White. Froakie – Pokemon X & Y. Chickorita – Pokemon Gold, Silver & Crystal. Fennekin – Pokemon X & Y. Chespin – Pokemon X & Y. Tepig – Pokemon Black & White.

Who is the best Gen 4 starter?

Piplup definitely is my favorite gen 4 starter. Empoleon is so unique with its design and typing. Chimchar is my second favorite, and then Turtwig. Chimchar, the best option.

Which platinum starter is best?

Back in Pokemon DP, Infernape is the best starter thanks to it’s matchups and if it has Hidden Power Ice, it shreds the game. However, Empoleon does the same job as Infernape in DP, just not as well. But if you slap a Choice Spec available in Platinum, it becomes just as good or even better than Infernape.

What is the best Gen 3 starter?


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Why totodile is the best starter?

Totodile Totodile is probably the best choices to start with in Pokemon HG/SS. Totodile’s best stats are attack and defense, followed by average HP and special defense. Because it’s a water type it has less weaknesses.

Who is the best Unova starter?


Which Gen 2 starter is the best?

In Gen 2, technically Typhlosion is probably the best because it’s the fastest one, evolves earlier in its middle stage (Level 14, meaning you get a power boost slightly earlier) and learns pretty good coverage that will hel you through most of the Gyms (Earthquake and Thunderpunch are fantastic Moves for it).

Who is the strongest starter pokemon?

Ranking All Pokémon Starters is Hard WorkBulbasaur/Ivysaur/Venusaur. Piplup/Prinplup/Empoleon. Litten/Torracat/Incineroar. Torchic/Combusken/Blaziken. Chimchar/Monferno/Infernape. Mudkip/Marshtomp/Swampert. Charmander/Charmeleon/Charizard. Froakie/Frogadier/Greninja. Greninja is emphatically the greatest starter of all time.

Which starter type is the best?

Here are the six best starter Pokemon of all time:Charmander. Bulbapedia. National Number: 004. Squirtle. Pokemon Database. National Number: 007. Treecko. Pokemon Database. National Number: 252. Piplup. Bulbapedia. National Number: 393. Chimchar. Bulbapedia. National Number: 390. Sobble. Pokemon Database. National Number: 816.

Why turtwig is the best starter?

If you’re looking for a strong defense, attack and HP, but you don’t mind sacrificing speed, Turtwig is a good choice. It eventually becomes a grass and ground type, which gives it an advantage against steel types and even fire types such as Infernape. Considering it survives a super effective attack.

Is infernape the best starter?

Infernape: Definitely the only gen 4 proper fire Pokémon available which is why most will choose to start with this. Similar to Blaziken has variety in movepool and also is extremely useful in game play.diamonds

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