Black diamond log splitter


Who manufactures Black Diamond log splitters?

Jiashan Superpower Tools Co. Ltd.

How do I split a large log with a log splitter?

Cut Wood Down to Size: Vertical/Horizontal Log SplittersFlip the splitter into a vertical position.Stand your logs on their ends – no need to lift them!Cut your logs in two.Shift your splitter back to its horizontal position.Split your wood into smaller logs that you can catch and cradle with minimal effort.

How can I speed up my wood splitter?

To increase the speed of a log splitters operation, a bigger hydraulic fluid pump is required to pump more volume of hydraulic fluid. However, upgrading a hydraulic pump may also require you to increase the size of your hydraulic tank to prevent overheating the hydraulic fluid.

Who makes the best log splitter?

The 6 Best Log Splitters of 2020Best Overall: Champion Power Equipment 27 Ton Splitter at Home Depot. Best Budget: Snow Joe LJ10M 10-Ton Hydraulic Log Splitter at Amazon. Best Electric: Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter at Home Depot. Best Vertical/Horizontal: Best Gas-Powered: Best Manual:

Who makes lumberjack splitters?

WEN Lumberjack

How do I know if my log splitter pump is bad?

Symptoms common to all log splittersHydraulic cylinder won’t extend the wedge. Hydraulic valve leaks. Engine leaks oil or gas. Engine won’t start. Hydraulic cylinder leaks. Engine runs rough or misfires. Hydraulic pump leaks.

How often should you change hydraulic fluid in a log splitter?

every 100 hours

How do you get air out of hydraulic system?

How to Bleed Air from a Hydraulic System. Bleeding only works for “free” air pockets where the air has not mixed with the fluid. For dissolved air, you can remove it by raising the temperature of the fluid until the air is released.

Is it best to split logs wet or dry?

Many experienced wood splitters prefer to split seasoned conifer wood, which tends to be sappy and TOO soft when it is fresh. Letting pine and similar woods dry before splitting gives it a chance to become brittle and easier to split.

How much force does it take to split a log?

The species of the tree is a strong determinant of the pounds of force needed to split your logs. For example, an Oak tree log requires 1350 pounds of pressure to split, based solely on its level of hardness.

What is a good cycle time for a log splitter?

between 10 and 20 secondsdiamonds

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