Bl3 diamond loot chest


What is the Diamond loot chest in Borderlands 3?

Celebrate the return of the original shooter-looter with the Diamond Loot Chest Collector’s Edition, a swag-splosion of collectibles digistructed straight from the worlds of Borderlands 3! Features a replica Diamond Loot Chest containing 10 character figurines, a Sanctuary 3 ship snap model, and more.

Where is the diamond loot chest in Borderlands 3? Borderlands 3 – Diamond Loot Chest – Collector’s Edition (PS4): Video Games.

What is the Diamond loot chest?

If you are interested in purchasing the Diamond Loot Chest Edition, here’s what it includes: The Super Deluxe Edition of the game with access to four campaign DLC packs. A Butt Stallion Weapon Skin, Weapon Trinket and Grenade Mod. Diamond Loot Chest Replica with retractable lid.

How much is Diamond loot chest borderlands3?

Borderlands 3 Playstation 4

Sale Date ▲ ▼ Title ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ Price
2020-03-24 Borderlands 3 Diamond Loot Chest Collectors Edition PS4 Never opened $215.00
2020-02-27 Borderlands 3 Diamond Loot Chest Collectors Edition PS4 Playstation 4 New In Box $249.99

When can you use the golden chest in Borderlands 3?

To find the Golden Chest and start making use of your Golden Keys, you’re going to need to first play through the Borderlands 3 campaign until you leave Pandora behind and make your way up into the stars. The Golden Chest can be found in Sanctuary III.

What can you get from Golden Chest Borderlands 3?

They are opened by using a Golden Key. When the chest is opened it will spawn purple weapons, class mods, shields, and grenade mods. E-tech weapons as well as blue and purple relics can also spawn in the chest.

How do you get Diamond codes in Borderlands VIP?

Diamond Codes can only be obtained at events. So if you are at a big event and 2K Games is showing off Borderlands 3, go check it out. You likely acquire one of these VIP codes by playing the game.

Where do I get Golden Keys in Borderlands 3?

To claim one of these Borderlands 3 Shift codes, or any of the others, you’ll need to head into the game and find the Shift menu. From there you can input the code and and as long as it’s valid you’ll find Golden Keys will be sent to your Vault Hunter’s mailbox.

How many Borderlands 3 Collector’s Editions are there?

four editionsdiamonds

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