A large diamond painted in a lane means


What does a white transverse line across your lane means?

White transverse lanes lines (perpendicular to traffic flow) are used to indicate stopping, yielding, and cautionary areas, where traffic is controlled for one reason or another. All traffic must stop with the complete vehicle behind this line.

What should you do when a large animal is in your path and you Cannot stop in time?

According to experts, the best response is to remain in your lane while attempting to slow down as quickly as possible. If you have room to do so, move toward the right side, or outer edge, of the road.

Why is overdriving your headlights at night dangerous?

Overdriving your headlights at night is dangerous because: You cannot stop within the distance illuminated by your lights.

What is the colorless odorless and poisonous gas from the exhaust?

Carbon monoxide (CO)

Can you cross a solid white line when driving?

A solid white line marks the right edge of the roadway or separates lanes of traffic moving in the same direction. You may travel in the same direction on both sides of this line, but you should not cross the line unless you must do so to avoid a hazard.

What does a yield sign mean?

The Yield sign indicates to drivers that they must yield the right-of-way, slow down or stop if necessary, before entering the intersection, roundabout or any other facility and must not proceed until it is safe to do so.

What Animals Should you stop for when driving?

Generally though if you’re putting another motorist in danger, don’t emergency stop. Cattle, horses, pigs, sheep, dogs, goats are a different matter. The size of these animals could cause injury to yourself and passengers. And the size of them means that they are visible to other motorists.

What is appropriate to do when an animal is blocking your path?

If confronted with an animal of this size blocking your path, brake hard to reduce speed. If a smaller animal like a rabbit or feral cat crosses your path, DO NOT SWERVE, but brake firmly if safe to do so. Such a small animal will do little damage to your vehicle if you cannot stop in time.

What animals do you stop for when driving?

Animals like cattle, horses, pigs, sheep, dogs and goats are considered large enough to justify an emergency stop. The size of these animals means that, if hit at speed, they could damage the front of the car, potentially smashing the vehicle’s windscreen and injuring passengers.

How can you tell if someone has high beams on them?

If you see a brightly shining car coming down the street with four headlights on at the same time (not counting the fog lights) the driver is probably using the high beams.

How do I stop my headlights from overdriving?

Answer: The correct answer is A. Explanation: To avoid over driving your headlights, cool your headlights periodically by switching to your parking lights.

When driving on a highway at night you should never use your high beam headlights if you are?


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Term You are driving on an interstate highway when a breakdown forces you to the shoulder. You should: Definition raise the hood and tie a white handkerchief to the left door handle
Term When driving on a highway at night, you should never use your high-beam headlights if you are Definition following another car

Do catalytic converters prevent carbon monoxide poisoning?

The US introduced catalytic converters in 1975 to improve ambient air quality by reducing the amount of carbon monoxide (CO) and other pollutants emitted by the average automobile. This change apparently also reduced deaths from acute motor vehicle carbon monoxide (MVCO) poisoning, both intentional and unintentional.

Is gas odorless and colorless?

Carbon monoxide has the formula, CO, is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas. Carbon Monoxide; Carbon Monoxide, CO, is a colorless, odorless, poisonous gas. CO an industrial hazard resulting from the incomplete burning of natural gas. When burned in air, carbon monoxide produces carbon dioxide.diamonds

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