What does precious cargo mean

What does it mean to say someone is precious?

1 : of great value or high price precious jewels. 2 : highly esteemed or cherished a precious friend. 3 : excessively refined : affected entry 2 precious manners. 4 : great, thoroughgoing a precious scoundrel.

What do you mean cargo?

: the goods or merchandise conveyed in a ship, airplane, or vehicle : freight Dock workers were unloading the ship’s cargo .

What is the meaning of old cargo?

a goods carried by a ship, aircraft, or other vehicle; freight . b (as modifier) a cargo vessel. 2 any load.

What does precious friend mean?

1 beloved; dear; cherished. 2 very costly or valuable. 3 held in high esteem, esp. in moral or spiritual matters. 4 very fastidious or affected, as in speech, manners, etc.

What does it mean if a guy calls you precious?

If someone calls you precious , what they may really mean is that you are precious to them and to their heart, meaning they hold you in high esteem. #17 Pleasing. Pleasing means that you bring them pleasure. Although that sounds pretty horrible when you think of the exact definition , that doesn’t mean you ‘re easy.

How do you say someone is precious?

Here are some of the nicer synonyms for precious …. adored, beloved, choice, costly, darling, dear, expensive, exquisite, fastidious, favourite, fine, idolized, invaluable, irreplaceable, loved, priceless, prized, rare, treasured, valuable , valued.

What is the difference between cargo and shipment?

Cargo usually refers to the goods themselves, independently if they are moved by ground, sea or air. A shipment is generally referred to as a collection of goods which at some point will be, are currently, or have already been moved from one geographical location to another.

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What is the difference between freight and cargo?

The main difference between the usage of the words freight and cargo is that any fees charged by the transport carrier are often called freight charges. Cargo is typically goods carried by larger vehicles, such as large cargo ships and planes, whereas freight is typically goods carried by smaller vehicles like trucks.

What does Galleon mean?

: a heavy square-rigged sailing ship of the 15th to early 18th centuries used for war or commerce especially by the Spanish.

What are the types of cargo?

Five types of cargo can be distinguished: container cargo , liquid bulk, dry bulk, breakbulk and ro-ro. Container cargo . Liquid bulk. Ro-ro.

What is the meaning of cargo airport?

Cargo service airports are airports that, in addition to any other air transportation services that may be available, are served by aircraft providing air transportation of only cargo with a total annual landed weight of more than 100 million pounds.

How do you use cargo in a sentence?

Cargo sentence examples Cargo can be transferred direct from the ship into railway trucks. He tucked it and the vault into his cargo pocket. He stuffed the small box of fresh chocolate into his cargo pocket. In 1820 the first cargo of anthracite coal was shipped to Philadelphia.

What is another word for precious?

SYNONYMS FOR precious 3 darling, cherished.

Does precious mean cute?

Adorable adjective – Having qualities that tend to make one loved. In some cases you can use ” Precious ” instead an adjective ” Adorable “, when it comes to topics like cute .

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How do you use precious?

Precious sentence examples Family is family, and you know how precious that is to me. Her eyes lingered on Ashley’s precious beads. She managed to hurt everyone around her, even her precious Gabriel. His thoughts wandered to Billy Langstrom’s love-widow Melissa, now absent even those precious two commodities with which to face the world.

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