Scrap precious metal prices

What are the current precious metal prices?

Current Gold and Silver Prices

Precious Metal Spot Price Change
Gold $1,909.90 0%
Silver $24.41 0%
Platinum $884.75 0%
Palladium $2,386.85 0%

What is the price of scrap gold and silver?

GOLD .co. uk will also pay up to 100.1% of the spot price for your silver bars and silver coins.

Metal Ounce Gram
Gold £1,460.42 £46.95
Silver £17.982 £0.578
Platinum £672.38 £21.62
Palladium £1,751.00 £56.30

What is the scrap value of palladium?

Scrap Palladium Prices UK

Purity £ / Gram £ / Troy Ounce
900 (90%) Palladium £38.66 £1,202.44
950 (95%) Palladium £40.81 £1,269.31
999 (99.9%) Palladium £42.91 £1,334.63

How much is scrap silver going for?

995, 999, & 9995 Fine Palladium Bars, Coins, Rounds: Damaged, Dented, Open Package etc.

Sell Scrap Silver What We Pay
900 Fine Scrap Silver , 90% Pure Silver $0.74/g
925 Fine Sterling Silver Scrap Jewelry, 92.5% Pure Silver $0.76/g

Is Platinum better than gold?

Platinum is Stronger and More Durable Though both gold and platinum are strong and durable precious metals, platinum is the stronger and more durable of the two. For example, the prongs holding the center stone of a platinum engagement ring are less likely to break then those of a gold engagement ring.

Why is platinum so cheap?

The price of platinum changes along with its supply and demand; during periods of sustained economic stability and growth, the price of platinum tends to be as much as twice the price of gold; whereas, during periods of economic uncertainty, the price of platinum tends to decrease because of reduced demand, falling

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Is 24 karat gold worth anything?

Unlike 10K, 14K and 18K gold , which are all made from an alloy of gold and other metals, 24K gold is made of 100% pure gold . While 24K gold is extremely valuable , it isn’t widely used for engagement rings.

How much is 5.5 grams of gold?

Current Gold Gram Bar Values

Description Gold Value (USD)
1 gram gold bar $62.71
2.5 gram gold bar $156.78
5 gram gold bar $313.56
10 gram gold bar $627.13

How do pawn shops pay for gold?

Here’s how calculate approximately how much pawn shops will pay for your gold bracelet: Multiply the weight of your bracelet (just the gold part) by the percentage of gold that your karat indicates. Multiply the grams of actual gold (12.51 in the example) by the current price of gold in grams.

How much is a pound of palladium worth?

Live Palladium Prices

bid high
PALLADIUM USD/Oz 2469.00 2503.50
PALLADIUM GBP/Oz 1878.70 1899.71
PALLADIUM EUR/Oz 2078.00 2095.00

What is scrap platinum worth?

Live Metal Spot Price (24hrs) Nov 13, 2020 at 10:59 EST

Platinum Spot Prices Today Change
Platinum Price / Oz $ 901.62 9.41
Platinum Price Per Gram $ 28.99 0.3
Platinum Price Per Kilo $ 28,987.76 302.54

Is a palladium ring worth anything?

Palladium (atomic number 46) is very similar in appearance to platinum but is much less expensive and dense. It’s also extremely rare and is about 15 times rarer than platinum. In the past, palladium was seen as a worthless by-product of platinum mining, but today is one of the most valuable metals on the market.

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Is Silver marked 925 worth anything?

Yes, but only if we are talking about the real thing. Sterling silver , 92.5% pure silver is quite valuable . With pure silver regarded as one of the precious metals from Mother Earth, owning real sterling silver is quite something.

How much is a sterling silver spoon worth?

Sterling silver souvenir spoons range in price from $5 to $2500 . THE VAST MAJORITY of spoons are less than $60 , and a very high percentage sell for less than $30.

How do you calculate junk silver?

To calculate the value of silver in a coin, multiply the silver weight in troy ounces (not the coin weight) by the silver spot price. For example, A junk silver quarter has a silver content of 0.1808 troy oz. If the silver spot price is $10/troy oz then the quarter’s value is $10 * 0.1808 = $1.81.

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