Precious lord take my hand dorsey

Is Precious Lord Take My Hand a hymn?

” Precious Lord , Take My Hand ” is a hymn written by Thomas Dorsey in 1932 with music by George Allen.

Who sang Precious Lord Take My Hand?

Махалия Джексон

What popular gospel song did Thomas A Dorsey composed?

Take My Hand Precious Lord

What songs did Thomas Dorsey write?

Original songs

Title Written by Original date
If You See My Saviour Thomas A. Dorsey 1932
I’m Going to Live the Life I Sing About in My Song Thomas A. Dorsey July 1956
It’s Tight Like That Tampa Red, Thomas A. Dorsey 1928
Little Wooden Church on the Hill Thomas A. Dorsey 1939

Who wrote Peace in the Valley?

Thomas A. Dorsey

Who wrote Amazing Grace?

John Newton

How do you spell Mahalia Jackson?

Evergreen Park, Illinois, U.S. Mahalia Jackson (/məˈheɪliə/ mə-HAY-lee-ə; born Mahala Jackson ; October 26, 1911 – January 27, 1972) was an American gospel singer.

What happened to Mahalia Jackson?

She died of a heart attack on January 27, 1972. Jackson is remembered and loved for her impassioned delivery, her deep commitment to spirituality and her lasting inspiration to listeners of all faiths.

How old is Mahalia Jackson?

60 years (1911–1972)

Who is the father of gospel?

Thomas A. Dorsey

Who wrote the first gospel song?

The original gospel songs were written and composed by authors such as George F. Root, Philip Bliss , Charles H. Gabriel, William Howard Doane , and Fanny Crosby . Gospel music publishing houses emerged. The advent of radio in the 1920s greatly increased the audience for gospel music.

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What did Dorsey call himself when he went to Chicago?

Thomas Andrew Dorsey (1900-1993), often called the Father of Gospel Music, migrated from Atlanta to Chicago as a young man, thus exemplifying the experience of many southern blacks of his day.

What is black gospel music called?

Traditional black gospel is music that is written to express either personal or a communal belief regarding African American Christian life, as well as (in terms of the varying music styles) to give a Christian alternative to mainstream secular music . It is a form of Christian music and a subgenre of gospel music .

What year was the gospel song Take My Hand Precious Lord written?


Where is Thomas Dorsey from?

Villa Rica, Georgia, United States

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