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How much money did Madea get in witness protection?

With total box office gross of about $67 million, Madea’s Witness Protection is in the top three of Tyler Perry’s most successful movies, after Boo!

Madea’s Witness Protection
Budget $20 million
Box office $66.9 million

Is George Needleman Joe’s son?

Upon leaving Madea’s house, Cindy and Howie ask if they can come back to visit but both Madea and Joe immediately decline (though Madea does so in a sweet demeanor), despite the fact that since George is Joe’s son , the Needlemans are biologically Madea’s family.

What is the relationship between Madea and Joe?

Madea’s brother Joe has 2 children, Brian, an attorney who was married to Debrah has 2 children, Tiffany and Brian Jr. And Donna who is married to Isaac. Madea’s two cousins, Aunt Betty Ann Murphy and an unknown cousin.

Is Madea a boy or a girl?

Mabel ” Madea ” Earlene Simmons is a character created and portrayed by Tyler Perry . She is a tough, elderly African-American woman . Madea is based on Perry’s mother and his aunt.

What is Tyler Perry’s net worth?

Tyler Perry net worth : Tyler Perry is an American actor, director, playwright and producer who has a net worth of $800 million.

Who is Joe in Madea?

Joe Baker is Madea Simmons’s oldest brother and added comic relief to the film series. He has three children, Jameica Brian Baker and Donna. He implies the mother of his children was a whore and he could not change her no matter how much he loved her.

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Is Joe Madea’s brother?

Joseph ‘ Joe ‘ Baker is Madea , Frederick, Willie, Heathrow, and Irene’s brother . He has 2 children, Donna and Brian. He made his first debut in Tyler Perry’s I Know I’ve Been Changed. He is potrayed by Tyler Perry.

Why is Madea ending?

I left the door open because I don’t want people to have a finality that she’s gone. That final thing, she’s dead and gone, don’t want that.” Perry has said previously that he created Madea after his late mother and his aunt. “(My mother) loved Madea ,” Perry said.

Is Madea dead?

Madea fans will be happy to know that Tyler Perry is not killing off the beloved character. The filmmaker revealed on “Today” Wednesday that the gun-toting grandmother he suits up as survives “A Madea Family Funeral” out Friday. “She doesn’t die,” Perry confirmed. “She’s a family member to a lot of people.

Does Tyler Perry act as Madea?

Tyler Perry has played the character of Mabel ” Madea ” Simmons for nearly two decades, but the actor and director has revealed he’s done. In a recent interview, Perry confirmed that 2019 will be the last year of Madea . Perry’s film of the same name shares a title, but little else.

Is Madea Brian’s mom?

Cora Jean Simmons(niece), Myrtle, and Aunt Bam Murphy. Joseph ‘Joe’ Baker is Madea , Frederick, Willie, Heathrow, and Irene’s brother. He has 2 children, Donna and Brian . Is Madea Brian’s mom ?

Mabel” Madea “Simmons
Parents Big Mable Murphy ( Mother , Deceased) Frederick Baker Sr. (Father, Deceased)

Why did u get married?

Why Did I Get Married ? is a 2007 American comedy-drama film adaptation written, produced, directed, and starring Tyler Perry. It was inspired by Perry’s play of the same name. This film explores the resultant emotional impact that infidelity and love have upon the constitution of marriage .

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