Pokemon diamond move tutor


Where is the move tutor in Pokemon Diamond?

The move deleter can be found in the house just south of the Canalave City Pokemon Center. The move maniac can be found in the house by the water in Pastoria City. He will teach a move that your Pokemon will have learnt at an earlier level if you give him a Heart Scale.

What moves can the move tutor teach?

She will teach Frenzy Plant to Venusaur, Hydro Cannon to Blastoise, and Blast Burn to Charizard. The moves can only be taught to one of these three Pokémon once, and the Pokémon learning the move must have maximum friendship.

Can you use Move Tutors more than once?

The only move tutors that don’t teach moves more than once are in FR/LG, Emerald (some moves can be taught multiple times in Emerald), and Pokémon XD.

Is there a move tutor in Pokemon Silver?

There are none in Silver and gold versions.

How many shards do I need for ice punch?

eight shards

How do you get heart scales in diamond?

Use the Dowsing Machine Poketch App (usually near beaches, shallow water, and shoals)* Show the man at the Solaceon Newspaper the Pokemon he wants for the article, and he’ll give you one along with some random types of pokeballs (Timer, Dusk, etc.) If you do it this way, you can get one Heart Scale a day!

Can you teach Draco Meteor more than once?

Yes, you can use the tutor more than once.

Can Charizard learn Draco Meteor?

No. There is absolutely no way at all to teach Charizard Draco Meteor, even though breeding. Draco Meteor is a move that is exclusive to Dragon type Pokemon, and unfortunately, the Mega Evolution wears off after the battle, thus making it Fire/Flying once again.

Is blast burn a good move?

Blast Burn may be an incredibly strong fire type move, but with its 90% accuracy and one turn rest time afterward, it can create a big issue where your pokemon could get 1 hit KO’d in that time of respite. So here are 10 alternatives to Blast Burn that are of similar strength.

Who should I teach Draco Meteor to sword?

Most Compatible With Dragon-type Pokemon Pokemon who are Dragon-types are most likely able to learn Draco Meteor.

Can move tutor moves be passed down?

In Pokémon Crystal, a bred Pokémon will inherit any compatible Move Tutor moves which its father knows. Additionally, if both parents know a move that the bred Pokémon can learn via level-up, it will inherit that move.

Can Pokemon relearn TR move?

The Move Reminder can only teach a Pokémon moves that its species can learn; they cannot teach moves exclusive to a pre-evolution. In Generation VIII, in addition to level-up moves and special moves, Pokémon can also be taught any move they had previously learned via TR but forgotten.

How do you forget HM moves?

By default, Pokémon have no way to forget HM moves, but the Move Deleter can erase HM moves just fine, allowing you to use that spot to teach them another move. In Pokémon Emerald, the Move Deleter is in Lilycove City, to the right of the department store.

How do you teach Pokemon old moves?

Whenever you need to have one of your Pokemon remember a move they either forgot or missed out on entirely, head to a Pokemon Center. Just to the left of the healing station and PC, you will see a man in a plaid shirt at a counter.diamonds

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