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Can you become mayor of Diamond City Fallout 4?

Ending the game by siding with the Institute causes the quest to become unavailable. After the mayor’s death/exile, his secretary, Geneva will become the acting mayor of Diamond City.

How do you prove the mayor is a synth?

Take interest especially in the optional Institute quest called Political Leanings during which you must take a report from mayor Mcdonough from Diamond City who is a synth. After completing this quest you must become an enemy of the Institute which will be signaled by unlocking the Banished from the Institute quest.

Where is the mayor’s office in Diamond City in Fallout 4?

terminal entries Mayor McDonough’s office is the mayor’s office in Diamond City’s upper stands in 2287. The official position is currently run by Mayor McDonough.

Who is the synth in Diamond City?

If the Sole Survivor fast travels away and back to Diamond City once, they will encounter Kyle, Riley’s brother, holding Riley at gunpoint, accusing Riley of being a synth. Either the Sole Survivor or a Diamond City security officer intervenes and saves Riley from being shot.

How old is Preston Garvey?


Is Kyle a synth?

Walkthrough. This “quest” is a scripted encounter in Diamond City, where the player runs into an altercation in the Diamond City market. Kyle has taken a gun to his own brother, Riley, convinced that he is a synth.

Is Danse actually a synth?

According to Elder Maxson, Paladin Danse is actually an Institute Synth in disguise and needs to be executed.

Can you kill the mayor of Diamond City?

Yes. Once you hit level 40 you can trigger a quest by going to Diamond City, and it ends with a showdown with the Mayor, and killing him is one of your options.

Can Hancock die?

Hancock can be killed by the player character, upon which he will say “One last trip” This is most likely caused by the random companion death bug where essential flags get removed.

Where does Piper go after you kill the mayor?

User Info: PedroRBarreraG. If you have recently finished the story for any faction that is not the institute, she may be at the mayor’s office. If you just killed Kellog then she would be at Valentine’s Detective Agency. If you are tracking down Kellog she may be at the mayor’s office.

Where is the mayor’s safe in Fallout 4?

On the West section of the shelter is a pathway that goes down deeper to a hallway and mayor’s room with the Boston Mayoral Shelter Safe. The safe has ammo, health items, a Stealth Boy, and a Powerful Pipe Revolver. There is a steam trunk next to the safe that contains CAPS, ammo, and a Powerful Hunting Rifle.

Is Sole Survivor a synth?

No, the Sole Survivor is not a synth. He is the “Sole Survivor”. The only indication of the SS being a synth is a single line in the DLC “Far Harbor” and it is ambiguous at best.

Can you have a baby in Fallout 4?

Childbirth- if you have sex with a human companion of the oposite gender, a baby may be born. In order for childbirth to happen, you must have a settlement with a baby crib, and someone assined to it. You can only have 1 baby at a time, to have a 2nd, you must advance time in the game (more on that later).diamonds

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