Diamond no ace episode list


How many episodes of Diamond no Ace are there?

52 episodes

Will there be a season 4 of Diamond no Ace?

Diamond No Ace Season 4: The Release Date Following that, On 6 April 2015, the next Season got aired. It Streamed with 51 episodes and ended on 28 March 2016. And with 52 episodes, it ended on 31 March 2020. Official updates, another season from Diamond No Ace, is not released.

Which episode does Sawamura become ace?

In Act II, he becomes Seidou’s ace in his second year by the start of the Summer Regional Tournament.

Sawamura Eijun
First Appearance
Manga Act I – Chapter 1
Anime S1 – Episode 1

Does Sawamura lose the ace number?

Will Sawamura lose his ace number? probably not.

Is there romance in Diamond no Ace?

No there won’t be romance. The author said they can think about romance in college but in highschool, they should devote themselves to baseball.

Is Diamond no Ace good?

Diamond no Ace’s use of characters is easily a 10/10. The music and art in the anime were definitely good. The openings for Diamond no Ace set the exciting tone to come in the anime. The other soundtracks used during the baseball matches managed to amplify the suspense in each moment.

Who is better Sawamura or Furuya?

Starting with the fact that- yes, he has way more control and stamina than Furuya. But that does not deny the fact that Sawamura is better all around, while Furuya has only power to gamble with, and pitches mostly balls instead of strikes. He gets a lot of walks, while Sawamura mostly pitches strikes.

Who is the best pitcher in Diamond no Ace?

Mei Narumiya

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Did Diamond no Ace end?

Diamond no Ace made its first debut on October 6, 2013, and with a total of 75 episodes, it went on till March 29, 2015. The third season of the anime, titled ‘Ace of Diamond Act II’, released on April 2, 2019, and also with a total amount of 52 episodes, it finished broadcasting on March 31, 2020.

How fast does Sawamura pitch?

135 km/h

Who is the ace of seidou?

Furuya Satoru

How tall is Daichi Sawamura?

5’9″ 175 cm

Did Seido win nationals?

Did Seidou win the Nationals? Despite reaching Nationals before, Seidou has never won it. After the third year students retired, Seidou won the Tokyo Fall Tournament and reached the 84th Spring Koshien, however, they lost to Komadai Fujimaki after reaching the quarter-finals.diamonds

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