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What company owns Blue Diamond?

California provides 80% of the world’s almond supply to more than 90 countries – an industry worth US$11 billion to the state’s economy. More than 3,000 small Californian farming families belong to Blue Diamond Growers, a cooperative founded by a group of almond growers in 1910 to promote stability for their families.

Where are Blue Diamond almonds grown?

A growing business growing almonds. Almonds continue to rank number one as the leading nut in new food products worldwide. To meet the exploding demand in our global ingredients business, Blue Diamond Growers has built a 200,000-square-foot manufacturing and processing plant on 88 acres in Turlock, California.

Is Blue Diamond a good company?

Overall, Blue Diamond is a great place to work. Its great company to work. Grower Information Specialist ll (Current Employee) – Sacramento, CA – December 19, 2019. Blue Diamond is a great place to work that pays very fairly with lots of benefits for the employees.

Is Blue Diamond a publicly traded company?

Grower-owned cooperatives like Blue Diamond Growers offer the best of both worlds. We are not publicly traded and our owners are family farmers with an average farm size of 75 acres.

Are Blue Diamond almonds processed?

Blue Diamond processes almonds in a continuous, hot batch process. And the almonds can be sliced, diced or slivered with changeovers conducted practically on-the-fly. Almonds emerge for blanching on this line.

What is blue diamonds power?

Blue Diamond possesses standard Gem abilities, bubbling, shapeshifting, fusion, regeneration, agelessness, and superhuman strength/durability. Radiated Pathokinesis: When Blue Diamond is overwhelmed with sadness, she emits a blue aura around her that induces the said emotion to anyone exposed to it.

Are Blue Diamond Almonds Healthy?

A Nutritious Snack Blue Diamond® Whole Natural Almonds Are Heart Smart. They are certified by the American Heart Association as a Heart Healthy Food.

Who owns almond milk?

Groupe Danone

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What are the flavors of Blue Diamond almonds?

Challenge your taste buds with a tempting variety of savory flavors, roasted to perfection.Wasabi & Soy Sauce Flavored Almonds.Salt ‘n Vinegar Artificially Flavored Almonds.Sriracha Flavored Almonds.Spicy Dill Pickle Artificially Flavored Almonds.Habanero BBQ Almonds.Sweet Thai Chili Flavored Almonds.

What do blue diamonds pay?

The average Blue Diamond Growers salary ranges from approximately $34,962 per year for Security Officer to $180,607 per year for Operations Manager. Average Blue Diamond Growers hourly pay ranges from approximately $14.41 per hour for Sorter to $24.70 per hour for Maintenance Mechanic.

When was the Blue Diamond plant established?


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