Best pokemon diamond team


What is the best team in Pokemon Diamond?

Please log in or register to add a comment.Empoleon. Surf. Ice Beam. Drill Peck. Aqua Ring.Raichu. Thunderbolt. Brick Break. Agility. Attract.Rapidash. Flamethrower. Flare Blitz. Iron Tail. Double Team.Roserade. Magical Leaf. Toxic. Synthesis. Honchkrow. Fly. Dark Pulse. Shadow Ball. Garchomp. Earthquake. Dragon Claw. Crunch.

What is the best Sinnoh Pokemon team?

Rapidash and Houndoom are both better fire Pokemon. Tentacruel comes later and has lower attack stats compared to Empoleon, Vaporeon, and some other waters like Gyarados and Floatzel. Togekiss is worse than Staraptor because it’s more difficult to hatch and evolve, and Staraptor’s moves are stronger.

What is the best team for platinum?

Originally Answered: What is the best Pokemon team in Pokemon platinum? Empoleon,Rapidash,Togekiss,Luxray,Garchomp,lucario. Yours can be different but all are good if you have different varieties in them.

What is the best Gen 4 Pokemon team?

Pokémon: Making The Perfect Gen IV Team1 Gliscor.2 Lucario. 3 Empoleon. 4 Garchomp. 5 Rotom-Wash. 6 Togekiss. The inclusion of this Pokémon may raise a few eyebrows for some, but that’s only because they aren’t familiar with its infamous Paraflinch setup.

Is Luxray good?

It had plenty of good coverage, including Superpower, Ice Fang, and Crunch, but it lacked a reliable physical STAB move, and didn’t have reliable set up moves, either. In fact, while Luxray is NU now, it’s only really there because of usage stats, even though it’s still a completely viable Pokémon in UU.

Which starter is best in diamond?


Who is better Empoleon or infernape?

Lets say if it survives one hit from Infernape’s Fire attacks, or if it is faster than Empoleon, it can K.O. both of them at ease. But if you’re more of the speedy fast kill type, you should go with Infernape. Empoleon is pretty good.

Who is better Torterra or Empoleon?

Empoleon has better SP. Attack,Defence. Then Torterra is better in regular Attack,Defence. So since Torterra uses physical attacks and Empoleon’s defence itself is low and his Sp.

Is lucario good platinum?

Lucario. Overall it has better stats i think and a better movepool. It also has good attack and sp. att so it can be a mixed attacker.

Is Luxray good platinum?

Luxray is easily the better option here. Luxray’s thunder fang is weaker than its thunderbolt (and less accurate than spark), so it’s not really a good move.

What is the best Pokemon Platinum starter?


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Which is better Pokemon Diamond or Pearl?

The good thing is once you finish Diamond or Pearl you can send Pokemon From any of your GBA games into your DS game (unless the Pokemon has learned a HM move), but they cannot be sent back. The only stand out difference is one has Palkia and the other has Dialga. I have both and i’d say Pokemon Diamond.

Who is the best Gen 4 starter?

Piplup definitely is my favorite gen 4 starter. Empoleon is so unique with its design and typing. Chimchar is my second favorite, and then Turtwig. Chimchar, the best option.

Who is the best Sinnoh starter?

Choosing a Starter Pokemon: The Sinnoh RegionChimchar is very well suited for the aggressive damage-dealer. Piplup is suited for a more defensive strategy of play, as it can take a lot of damage when it is properly leveled and given the right moves set.Turtwig is particular suited for players whose style is a mixture of defensive and offensive

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