Best diamond sword enchantments


What are the best enchantments for a sword?

Best Sword EnchantmentsSharpness – Significantly increases a sword’s damage.Looting – Increasing the number of items that mobs drop upon death.Unbreaking – Has a chance to not use any of the sword’s durability when attacking.

What is the best enchanted sword in Minecraft?

Best Sword EnchantmentsSharpness V – Gives you a pretty significant boost to melee damage! Sweeping Edge III – Increases the damage of your sweep attacks, all damage buffs are good when we’re talking about a sword.Looting III – This will increase the amount of items that can drop from monsters.

What are the best enchantments for a diamond boots in Minecraft?

Enchantments for Diamond Boots

Enchantment Description
Protection General protection against attacks, fire, lava, and falling
Soul Speed Speeds up how fast you can move across soul sand and soul soil
Thorns Causes damage to attackers
Unbreaking Increases durability of item

Is a Diamond AXE better than a diamond sword?

They deal more damage than swords, and a wooden axe has the same damage as a diamond sword. However, there are three drawbacks as a weapon: Attacking with an axe will cause it to take double durability damage. Like swords, they require an anvil to enchant with weapon-based enchantments.

Is smite or sharpness better?

Sharpness deals extra damage to everything, whereas Smite deals more extra damage to only undead mobs. These include skeletons, zombies, withers, wither skeletons, zombie pigmen, skeleton horses and zombie horses. Bane of Arthropods does the same, but only for arthropods.

Does fortune on an AXE do anything?

Fortune on an Axe increases the amount of drops when the Axe is used for certain activities. The higher the Fortune level, the greater the likelihood of receiving a drop or an increased amount of drop. When used on leaves it increases the odds of receiving apples, sticks and saplings.

Can you put sharpness on a trident?

The trident can only be enchanted with its specialty enchantments, Mending, Unbreaking, and Curse of Vanishing. As MacchuPicchu suggested, the most logical way of handling the other damage increasing enchantments would be to have sharpness available for the trident, but BoA and Smite should not.

Which protection Enchantment is the best?

Obviously you cant enchant the elytra with any kind of protection. While having all 4 armors with protection 4 is the best for overall damage, two specialty protections have special powers. Fire resistance reduces time spent on fire and blast protection reduces explosion knockback.

What is the best Enchantment for a diamond chestplate?

The Best Minecraft Chestplate EnchantmentsCurse of Vanishing. Mending. Thorns. Fire Protection. Blast Protection.Projectile Protection. Unbreaking. The Unbreaking enchantment is another durability enchantment similar to mending. Protection. The most powerful protection enchantment for chestplate is the general Protection enchantment.

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What is the best Enchantment for a diamond helmet?

HelmetUnbreaking III.Protection IV or Projectile Protection IV or Blast Protection IV or Fire Protection IV Protection is best, but the others will also work. Mending.Respiration III.Aqua Affinity.Thorns III (does use the durability up too, think about avoiding it)

Which is better AXE or sword?

Axes are better against thick armor, and generally easier to use and strike with more force. A dull axe is far more effective than a dull sword because you can still bludgeon someone with it.4 дня назад

How much damage does a sharpness 5 Diamond AXE do?

History. Added Sharpness. Sharpness V can now be applied to a sword without the use of an anvil. × 0.625 damage per level; see Armor/Bedrock Edition § Enchantments for the effect of pre-1.9

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