Which is considered a chemical mutagen? Tanning beds tobacco x-rays precious metals

What is considered a chemical mutagen?

Mutagens can be defined as the chemical or physical agents that have the capability to change the genetic material of an organism’s DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) increasing the mutation in the population. The chemical mutagens are the chemical compounds which causes mutations in the genetic materials.

Why is the UVA light considered a mutagen?

Why is UVA light considered a mutagen ? It penetrates the skin and can cause mutations. It can be prevented by wearing a protective vest. It penetrates the skin and can cause mutations.

Which best describes somatic mutation?

An alteration in DNA that occurs after conception. Somatic mutations can occur in any of the cells of the body except the germ cells (sperm and egg) and therefore are not passed on to children. These alterations can (but do not always) cause cancer or other diseases.

Are tanning beds a mutagen?

UVA1 wavelengths, like UVB wavelengths, induce carcinogenic skin damage. The tanning industry claimed that the UVA1 wavelengths used in indoor tanning are safer.

What are some examples of chemical mutagens?

The most commonly used chemical mutagens are alkylating agents such as ethylmethane sulfonate and N-methyl-N-nitrosourea that induce point mutations in DNA.

What chemicals can cause mutations?

Mutations arise spontaneously at low frequency owing to the chemical instability of purine and pyrimidine bases and to errors during DNA replication. Natural exposure of an organism to certain environmental factors, such as ultraviolet light and chemical carcinogens (e.g., aflatoxin B1), also can cause mutations.

Which type of mutation Cannot occur in a child after birth Brainly?

Answer Expert Verified The right answer is the somatic mutation .

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Which type of mutation causes sickle cell anemia quizlet?

Sickle cell disease is caused by what mutation? Mutation in the hemoglobin beta (HBB) gene, leading to a single change in amino acid sequence.

Is a mutagen?

A mutagen is a chemical or physical agent that has the ability to change our genetic code in a harmful way. The change in the genetic code is called a mutation, and throughout our lifetime we actually accumulate many mutations within our cells. And our body has the ability to recognize and repair these mutations.

What is an example of germline mutation?

Other examples include mutations in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes which predispose to breast and ovarian cancer, or mutations in MLH1 which predispose to hereditary non-polyposis colorectal cancer.

What is an example of a somatic mutation?

Somatic Mutations . Somatic mutations are mutations acquired by non-germline cells and cannot be inherited by the offspring of the parent organism of the mutated cell, with the exception of, for example , canine transmissible venereal tumor [6]. In cancer cells, such mutations were found at high frequency.

Which disease is the result of a somatic mutation?

Somatic mutations can give rise to cancer (9), as well as noncancerous diseases. Noncancerous somatic mutations that occur during development may affect cell proliferation, as would be the case in cancer , or they may simply alter cellular function without causing a proliferative effect.

Does tanning change your DNA?

High levels of UV light in tanning beds are absorbed by skin cells and lead to DNA damage, Burbidge said. And this damage can lead to mutations – such as the BRAF V600E mutation – which can accumulate over time and can lead to the development of cancer.

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Is tanning genetic?

According to the study we’re introducing today, the heritability of the ease of skin tanning is estimated to be 0.454 ± 0.006, or around 45%. Tanning ability is a heritable trait, but the genetic basis of it and its effect on skin cancer susceptibility is not fully understood.

Is tobacco a chemical mutagen?

Less understood is how tobacco causes cancer. The short answer—it causes mutations. Tobacco smoke is a mixture of many chemicals , including at least 60 carcinogens (cancer-causing chemicals ).

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