Precious metals clay

Is Precious Metal Clay real silver?

Precious Metal Clay ( PMC ) As a solid -phase sintered product of a precious metal powder used to form a precious metal article, the material consists of microscopic particles of pure silver or fine gold and a water-soluble, non-toxic, organic binder that burns off during firing.

How does precious metal clay work?

Metal clay is made of pure silver powder mixed with a non-toxic organic binder and water. During the firing process, the harmless binder burns away and the silver particles sinter (fuse) to form a solid 99.9% pure silver piece. Metal clay can be safely fired using a butane torch, gas stove or kiln.

What is precious metal clay jewelry?

Precious metal clay (or PMC ) is just what it sounds like: fine silver or gold ground extremely small and suspended in a binder to create clay . For novice jewelry makers, learning to create with precious metal clay is easy. For jewelry makers of any experience level, working with this material takes little time.

What is the difference between PMC and Art Clay?

PMC offers less work than traditional methods because of the consistency much like modeling clay . Art Clay Silver is easy to mold and shape much like ordinary clay and is perfect for a variety of jewelry projects. Art Clay is also easy to use because it can be fired by a butane torch in only two minutes.

Which clay is best for Jewellery making?

Sculpey polymer clay is a favorite molding compound in the jewelry-making industry, especially for sculpting. Incredibly soft and supple, you won’t find an easier clay to work with than Premo !

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Can Metal Clay be fired in an oven?

All types of metal clay can be fired in a kiln. As long as the kiln can ramp up to the required temperature (as high as 1650 degrees F/900 degrees C) and can hold that temperature for anywhere from 10 minutes to 4 hours, it can be used for firing metal clay .

Can you fire clay with a torch?

Torch firing is a great, inexpensive, way to fire your metal clay . You can use a small butane gas torch , like a kitchen torch , to fire all the Art Clay Silver clays .

What is precious metal clay used for?

Precious metal clay is made with precious metal particles, an organic (non-toxic) binder and water. It can be rolled flat, shaped, molded, textured, carved, sanded, filed and formed. It is used to make jewelry, jewelry components, findings, embellishments for ceramic work and so much more.

Can you fire metal clay in a microwave kiln?

Designed for working primarily with small glass objects or precious metal clay , the microwave kiln is also suitable for firing small clay pieces, from beads and pendants to test tiles or small sculptural objects.

Can you fire silver clay in the oven?

Ensure your clay is completely dry before firing , if it isn’t you might find it may break or explode during firing , resulting in injury or burns. Use a hairdryer, dehydrator, warming plate, or kitchen oven to dry the clay .

Is Metal Clay eco friendly?

Silver metal clay is . Fine silver clay is an environmentally friendly product because it is a reclaimed material in the first instance. In all stages of the making process the material is recyclable. By comparison, Sterling silver that most jewellery is made with contains 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper.

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