Precious in hawaiian

How do you say beautiful in Hawaiian?

Say Beautiful in Hawaiian Learn the basic word. The standard word beautiful is “nani”. It is pronounced as nah-knee. Use the word “ho’onani” as a verb to describe beauty or to give praise. You can pronounce it as “ho-oh-nah-knee”. Use the word “makalapua” for handsome or blossoming (as in flower buds). It is pronounced as ma-caw-la-poo-ahh.

What does makamae mean in Hawaiian?

From makamae (“precious”). A female given name from Hawaiian of modern usage, sometimes also given to boys.

What does Momi mean in Hawaiian?

Means “pearl” in Hawaiian .

What is the meaning of Kona in Hawaiian?

The name Kona is used as a baby name for both girls and boys in Hawaii. One of the translations of the word signifies “lady”. This makes it a beautiful name for a baby girl. Moreover, the name also means “origin, popularity, and the world rule”. Ordinarily, Kona seems to be a popular name for Hawaiian children.

What is a Hawaiian woman called?

1 : a Polynesian woman .

What does the name Kalani mean?

Etymology. ka (“the”) + lani (“heavens; sky; king, queen”) meaning “the heavens”, “sky”, “royal one”, or “chief”. Also short for many compound names beginning with Kalani -.

What does Bumba mean in Hawaiian?

(bum bye) Definition : otherwise; or else; later; later on. Used In A Sentence: You better shut up bum bai yo foddah gets home and scolz you.

What does Tu Kai mean?

The english translation is “Shit” Hawaiian Swear Words.

How do you pronounce makamae?

Makamae – My precious, mah-kah-MAH-eh, Hawaiian on BellyBallot.

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What does Moana mean in Hawaiian?

[ Hawaiian Dictionary(Hwn to Eng)] moana . 1. n. Ocean, open sea, lake.

What does Kailani mean in Hawaiian?

Sea And Sky

What is a good Hawaiian name?

Hawaiian Names Kai. Kai is a lovely name with multicultural origins ranging from Greek to Hawaiian to Native American. Kai. Kai has turned into the little multi-cultural name that could. Bane. Hawaiian : Long-awaited child. Alana. Gaelic Origin. Leilani. Hawaiian : Child of heaven, heavenly flowers. Koi. Kona. Nana.

What does the name Kono mean in Hawaiian?

ko-no, kon-o ] The baby boy name Kono is pronounced as KOW-Now- †. Kono is derived from Native American-Miwok origins. Kono is of the meaning a tree squirrel biting through the middle of a pine nut.

What does the name Kylie mean in Hawaiian?

In Hawaiian it means Beautiful Spirit. Its Gaelic meaning is Handsome or Beautiful.

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