The Artist

halmarkMichael Izrael Galmer. owner of Galmer Ltd., has for thirty years created works commissioned by private collectors, America’s finest companies such as Tiffany & Co., Lenox and Gorham, museums and historical societies.  His eponymous works– created from original design to exceptional production in America — have been sold through hundreds of fine stores and collected by connoisseurs worldwide. 




About Michael

As a child and teen, Michael could be found in the garden, by the sea and in the woodlands sketching nature’s botanical wonders, never realizing this hobby would become his artistic destiny.

Thirty years ago, Michael and his family risked a comfortable life in Russia, drawn to America’s promise of freedom and opportunity for fulfilling lives and work.  Michael, who holds a PhD in  engineering, left a successful career in that field, driven by a growing, irresistible passion for art and silver work.

Michael Galmer silver exhibit opening at Evergreen Museum in Baltimore

Michael Galmer silver exhibit opening at Evergreen Museum in Baltimore

With the support of his family and especially his beautiful wife Galina, Michael set up a small garage workshop and began Galmer Fine Silver.  There, he experimented with new techniques and invented new tools to forward the traditional craft of repoussé (silver in relief or “pushed from the back”), yielding exquisite results.  Soon, the finest American companies, Gorham, Lenox and Tiffany & Co. discovered his talent and admired his ingenuity.

An important relationship grew between Michael and leaders of Tiffany.  For 20 years, Tiffany assigned Galmer complex silver tabletop projects and a vast roster of commissions.  Michael credits the rigorous demands of Tiffany for pushing him to new levels of excellence in design and execution.  The work allowed him to hire and train craftspeople, tackle new silver making challenges and to put his two children through medical school.

Garden Bird GobletLater, Michael’s own designs, under the Galmer name, solidified his international reputation.  The Galmer hallmark adorns lavish sterling goblets, extraordinary home adornments, gifts for collectors, christmas ornaments, weddings, anniversaries  and commissions for museums and historical societies.

Michael Galmer silver exhibit opening at Evergreen Museum in BaltimoreMichael became restless for a new challenge and at the same time met Carolyn O’Keefe whose background included heading up the Diamond Information Center for DeBeers.  Both were intrigued by the idea of repoussé silver jewelry, not offered widely in the modern American marketplace, adorning American women of taste.  That notion led to new ideas, to Michael’s hand-drawn sketches, to refinement and a new American jewelry passion: Repoussé Jewelry by Galmer.

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