BraceletContinental Green Topaz BR-12-T

The Continental Cuff with Sparkling Green Topaz


Product Description

Dare to be stunning…whether you’re wearing denim or resort chic. The Continental Cuff with Sparkling Green Topaz, is versatile to be worn with all wardrobe colors and options. Michael Galmer’s love of late 1800’s English silver traditions inspired his bold original design elements which are highlighted by hand-gilding in 24K gold and the centerpoint of a gorgeous natural green topaz. Assert beauty daily .

2 inches high; 6.5 inches around.

Hallmarked and exceptionally handcrafted by Galmer USA.

Additional Information

Weight 1.50 oz
Dimensions 10.00 x 8.00 x 6.00 in


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Click image for detail.  You have one life. Why settle for less-than-stunning? The Continental Cuff with Sparkling Green Topaz, obviously fabulous, deep down gorgeous. Very, very you every single day.

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