Bracelet Abbey Green Topaz BR-14-T

The Abbey Cuff with Sparkling Green Topaz


Product Description

Green means go . A cotton sweater, perfectly fitted jeans, and thou:The Abbey Cuff with Sparkling Green Topaz. A ravishing testament to Michael Galmer’s early and enduring love of English silver traditions.  As always, Michael creates all new bold design elements for a passionate, gorgeous adornment to your wrist. The sweep of lines, the symmetry of English architecture, the 24K gold hand-gilding will thrill you, your loved ones and onlookers constantly, now and for years to come.

Hallmarked and exceptionally handcrafted by Galmer USA.

Additional Information

Weight 1.50 oz
Dimensions 10.00 x 8.00 x 6.00 in


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Go green, magnificently. The Abbey Cuff with Sparkling Green Topaz in richest ornamented sterling for every single solitary day of your amazing life.

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