Our Story

The story of Repousse’ Jewelry, Galmer’s first ever jewelry collection, is a tale of two people with a passion for enduring beauty, family and repoussé silver.

Michael Izrael Galmer’s path was from Russia to America, from physicist/engineer to silver artist, from early days and long hours in his small silver workshop to discovery by America’s finest companies, including Gorham and Tiffany & Co.

Due to his reputation, Michael has often taken on iconic American commissions, with a spirit of gratitude for our great country.  Among these is an annual collaboration with Jim Stieff, of the venerable Stieff family, a name synonymous with silver.  Yearly, Michael creates an intricate sterling replica of the historic Woodlawn vase, the trophy for The Preakness Stakes.

I know someone who can help you.”- Jim Stieff, 2010

Carolyn O’Keefe’s path was from an upbringing in Baltimore where the silver repoussé tradition is strong and from the early influence of her mother Sally, to a love of finer things and a career in luxury products in New York city.

Returning to Baltimore, Carolyn’s love of repoussé was rekindled.  A mother of two daughters, Carolyn began to seek cuffs like her mother’s.  Meeting no success in her extensive search, Carolyn contacted Jim Stieff, a friend from high school days who said, “I know someone who can help you.” Days later the two drove to New York to meet with Michael.  They decided to test Galmer jewelry to determine the appeal of the repoussé style.


Starting with seven Galmer cuffs, Carolyn contacted well-known visionary leader Jim Rosenheim of  Tiny Jewel Box in DC.  Known for discovering new designers including the remarkable Alex Sepkus, Jim immediately purchased two sets of the bracelets and advised Carolyn and Michael on line extensions.

Michael set to work developing botanical design concepts, making detailed sketches, creating molds and producing four collections which debuted at Luxury Privé at The Pierre in July 2011. Michael continues to create new designs with Carolyn’s ongoing direction of client needs, sales and marketing.

Working with the wonderful people behind America’s finest jewelry stores and gaining inspiration from their families, Michael and Carolyn offer Repoussé Jewelry as our pleasure and, now, yours.